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Born as a Recruitment Agency, Babel Profiles' business model has evolved to become a partner in the attraction and retention of talent in both Spain and Portugal. Integrating key services, such as Employer Branding, HR Benchmarking and Outplacement support among others.

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Recruitment with
Language testing

Our client portfolio includes start-ups, medium size companies in the process of internationalization, and multinational corporations in need of multilingual talent. We speak over 15 languages at a native level giving us the capability of evaluating our candidates’ linguistic competences, at spoken and written levels. This allows us to interview and consider candidates from different parts of the world, being aware of their language level thanks to our language testing tools.

Recruitment with
Language testing



Corporate branding is becoming increasingly important in order to hunt and retain human talent, we aim at reaching the “Want-to-work-there!” effect. We take care of our client’s brand image by focusing our actions not only towards clients, but also on the image perceived by potential candidates. To do so, the Babel Profiles creative team works side by side with our clients’ marketing and human resource department, respecting brand guidelines. Corporate videos, social media recruiting, and photo shooting sessions are some of the tools we can provide to unleash your brand potential.

HR Benchmarking

Having market intelligence as well as good understanding of where your organization sits in relation to the key players in the market, is essential in order to set an effective reward strategy and the right HR policies. We help you recruit new employees at the right salary, ensuring you at all time that you’ll be following the right company policies with your existing employees in order to retain key talent.

Outplacement Services

Changes are always a great opportunity to grow. What happens when your company needs a restructuration and you have to cut down on employment? We have the tools to offer your employees emotional, professional support and development at a time of vulnerability or change. Thanks to our career search tools, resources, workshops and one-to-one training sessions we help them develop a clear and considered plan for their next career step.

Conscious leadership
Executive&Team Coaching


Rotation? Problems with attracting and retaining talent?

.... They can be a real headache in your organization, right? They will not be anymore if we start working together.
Our certified experts in Mentoring, Leadership and Coaching possess the skills and key experience to accompany you to manage the key to success: YOUR TEAM.
Thanks to our integral perspective, which combines the Mentoring on Conscious Leadership and the Life & Executive Coaching towards the well-being, we will accompany the leaders of your organization through a program, designed to your measure, with the aim of promoting a conscious and sustainable change in the time, from the root. They themselves will acquire the best skills and best leadership practices, learn to manage their emotions and those of others and achieve higher levels of self-knowledge, to finally face any type of change and become the reason why everyone gives best of itself every day.

Motivated, conscious and committed leaders are synonymous with a powerful and successful company culture.


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Babel Profiles?

Recruitment Agency

From the beginning Babel Profiles has established itself as a recruitment agency specialized in multilingual profiles. Why? Because we believe in specialization since it is what distinguishes us. We guarantee that our knowledge and experience in this type of profiles will make the difference in recruitment services for our partners.

Interview process

At Babel Profiles, we aim to create a unique candidate experience. For us, it is absolutely crucial not only that our candidates find a suitable job but also for them to experience a recruitment process that they will remember. Our focus on applying a personal approach, incorporating unique icebreaker games and maintaining quality services enables us to understand the candidate’s true motivation and expectations and, in return, allows us to check and evaluate their various competencies.


We started as a multilingual recruitment agency and evolved to define ourselves as an agency that offers recruitment solutions to attract and retain talent for our clients. Our marketing and recruitment experts make us a strong team able to offer a wide range of services for our clients, such as HR Benchmarking, Outplacement services, In-house recruitment, Creative Corporate Videos, representation at fairs and events and social media recruitment among others.

Always human
Our Babel approach

Known for our closeness to candidates and clients, our statement has always been the close and personal approach since the very beginning of our journey. Whether you’re a Candidate or Client you’ll become part of our Babel family. We’ll make you feel we’re beside you, here to help and support you whenever you need it. We’re known for our flexibility and resolution in every single project we’ve been involved in.


A constant relationship with our clients is a priority, we think this is the only way to succeed. At Babel Profiles we possess a strong feedback culture that remains present at all levels, because of this we ask our clients for constant feedback regarding their satisfaction and relationship concerning Babel Profiles. Teamwork all the way! That’s it, we enjoy sharing feedback with our clients, nothing better to know their experience after ending a project, sharing is caring!

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B2H Talks?

Business-to-Human Talks are an exclusive series of events for our clients and a networking environment in which professionals in the field of HR and business & operations can share their experiences and realities to enrich each other personally and professionally. The idea is to meet, discuss, and learn about a topic of current interest within our organization. We always invite specialized speakers on the subject for each of our sessions.

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Recruitment?, Employer branding?, Market research?, Outplacement services?

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