Trust us when we say we are different

Trust us when
we say we are DIFFERENT

We have a knack for rolling up our sleeves, we focus on quality and being a true and transparent partner by providing commitment and flexibility in finding the best solutions for your needs.

Linkedin Talent Award 2021 for Engagement


Success Fee Recruitment

Finding the right talent can be a challenge, are you looking for a reliable talent partner that understands your needs and provides top quality candidates? As a boutique recruitment agency, we cover from entry to senior-level roles in both business and tech functions, and know how to approach passive candidates whilst having an extensive database and tools to find the right talent for you that fits! 

Executive Search

Our senior talent partners have been the first choice for companies looking to find C-level executives that are a perfect fit. We work hand in hand with you to determine and identify which candidates have the ideal skill set and mindset for your company’s culture. Let us help you find your leaders of tomorrow!


We help talent leaders succeed by providing experienced in-house talent partners who are dedicated to your business via a monthly subscription model, allowing you to scale quickly and efficiently. Let us become a true extension of your talent acquisition teams.
Let’s tackle this together!

Leadership & Development Programs

Leadership development programs are crucial to the long-term success of every organization. Our certified experts in Mentoring, Leadership, and Coaching have proven experience designing tailored programs in a variety of industries and possess exceptional skills to accompany you to manage the key to your team’s success.

Babel Profiles S.L
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Caroline Le Noan
Caroline Le Noan
16:05 18 Oct 22
Sonja accompanied me throughout the recruitment process for my internship abroad.She was a great listener and very kind.She gave me a lot of advice before the interviews, and summaries with all useful links (internship offer, company website, connection link for the interviews...).I had never had an interview with a recruiter before, but I found it very nice to have a third party, and an objective person, to whom you can ask your questions without embarrassment.Thank you Sonja! I wish you all the best !:)
09:38 05 Sep 22
My experience with Babel Profiles has been amazing. Adriana guided me through the whole recruitment process and from the beginning to the end she was always professional, authentic and polite. She gave me constant feedback and communication about the next steps.I am super excited to start my new job opportunity and would definitely recommend Babel Profiles.Thank you Adriana and the whole Babel team!
Marta P
Marta P
09:15 29 Aug 22
The talent team was flexible in accomodating to my availability and very thorough both in relevant questions and role description. I found no surprise once I engaged with the hiring company and facilitated a quick hiring process. Thank you team:)
Melanie Pütz
Melanie Pütz
12:11 19 Aug 22
Maria lead me through my Recruitment process and I enjoyed every step of it. She was very professional and organized, friendly and authentically happy for me when I got the job. She honestly does a great job and I felt so comfortable and informed throughout the whole process. Further I've never experienced such an organized and quick recruitment process before.Thank you for your great work, Maria! It was a pleasure 🙂
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy
11:25 12 Jul 22
I had one of the best recruiting experiences with Maria from Babel Profiles right from the first call we had to the offer letter being sent for my new job.Maria is a professional at what she does and was always punctual with her communications to myself and my new employer as well as being super efficient with setting up the interviews, communicating what each interview would entail and giving the details of the job offer when it was presented.A totally seamless recruitment process from start to finish. Many thanks!
Patrick Lombardi
Patrick Lombardi
10:43 12 Jul 22
I had the opportunity to be in touch with Adriana for almost a month now. I am impressed by the excellent support and would say it has been my best experience with a recruitment agency so far. I am super happy and excited to start my new job opportunity and would definitely recommend to get in touch with them if you‘re looking for any kind of vacancies.
Serena Salaris
Serena Salaris
15:13 16 May 22
I had a very positive experience with babel, Dora contacted for a very good job opportunity and came out be the right one for me!I told her that I have met a lot of recruiters but I loved her style and approach, she is very easygoing and good in her job.I am happy I was contacted by her and could get this great job opportunity for my career!Thank you!
Henrique Giraldi
Henrique Giraldi
08:17 03 May 22
I went through the recruitment experience at Babel and I wanted to thank all the team that made me feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of the selection process. It is certainly a company that gives value to candidates and allows us to show the potential that we can apply to the position. Thanks again Adriana. It was great to have this contact with you guys from Babel.
Omar Salido
Omar Salido
12:29 14 Apr 22
I am very happy and satisfied with the recruitment process I participated in with Babel Profiles. Maria, the recruiter who has accompanied me throughout the process has been a great support and a great help in each of the steps. The way of working is very close and familiar, which makes you feel more confident and comfortable during the recruitment process. And best of all, she helped me get a great job!
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Don’t just take our word for it​


High success rate

We have assisted over 200 companies and placed over 3,500 (and counting) quality candidates to amazing companies like yours.

International Team

Linguistic borders don’t exist for us, we speak over 10 languages!

Companies we support

We support all types of business, from small & medium sized companies to start ups in a growth phase to well established multinationals.

Babel Profile expertise
Our expertise

Consultative Approach

We will always share our expertise, know-how and advice along the way with you and your team to make sure goals are achieved.

Business & Tech Recruitment

Our partners have trusted us to be their one-stop shop for their business and tech recruitment needs. If you need help building your team in functions such as Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Product & Design, Sales, Digital Marketing, HR, Finance & Accounting, among many others, let us help you.

Our Strengths

Quality over Quantity

For us quality always goes first. Why bother you with a long list of candidates when only a small number are the ones you are looking for. With us, you will be guaranteed candidates worth investing your time in.

Human Approach

Our passion for people allows us to build strong relationships in a genuine way. We are there for you, supporting you every step of the way. We will work hard with you and for you, leaving our Babel stamp so you will not forget us.


We go the extra mile to make sure that we get the job done, your goals are our priority. Our Talent Partners will be managing a limited amount of projects at the same time to make sure they can allocate the right amount of energy and dedication.


As we guide you along every step of the way we will keep you in the loop and be honest throughout the process with you.
They’re somethings that need to be said and someone needs to say them; we are the ones.


We are not scared, we are open and ready to take on any challenge you throw at us. We listen and adapt to you to provide tailored solutions for your needs.


Our diversity is our best asset, our differences as a team makes us unique and with our market knowledge and international team of over 20 multilingual speakers we will be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with your potential team and ensure the right team fit for your company.

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