Why good employees leave?

Why good employees leave_

It’s true, sometimes great employees leave, and there is nothing you can do to predict it. All the motivations why talented employees leave their jobs result from two simple reasons:

1.They found a better job
2.They are not happy with their employer

Sometimes it’s a combination of both reasons. It’s sad, indeed, but several small things could help you prevent this. So let’s have a look at the cause of why your best employees leave and which tools you can implement to avoid it.

1. Career Development

Talents might be frustrated and leave their current job when realizing that there is no room for them to grow in their company. Also, career development problems involve employees not getting work or tasks assigned that were promised or giving them tasks that they didn’t anticipate. Managing those expectations is crucial. The best people in the company don’t always want to manage/lead people or are interested in vertical growth, so it’s also essential to create a horizontal career path. Build a tailored career plan for your employee, considering the employee’s current skills and interests.

2. Work-life balance

Flexibility and work from home policies are still a priority for employees and job seekers. Other life goals and side projects are happening besides their 9-5 job. Create flexible work conditions and balancing work-life policies, so your employees don’t feel restricted. If you are not sure what kind of flexibility your employees are looking for, simply try to find out what your employees need to be happy and successful; e.g. by conducting a survey in which employees can share their thoughts on flexible working hours and working from home. Ensuring a healthy work-life balance for your team will benefit not only their motivation but also your business will .

3. Manager Behavior 

Poor relationships with managers are among the top reasons employees leave their companies. This also applies to an unfriendly working environment. Help your managers to develop exemplary leadership skills and ways to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication where employees feel respected, valued, and motivated. Strong and effective leadership can improve company culture, engage a workforce, and instill motivation and inspiration. At Babel Profiles, we offer tailored Leadership & development programs that are crucial to every organization’s long-term success. 

4. Compensation and Benefits

Another common reason for leaving a job is to get a new one that provides a better compensation package. Are you offering the proper reward to your employees? Having market knowledge and knowing where your company stands in the labor market will help you remain competitive.

Do you want to know if the salaries and benefits you are offering are competitive enough? At Babel Profiles we offer tailored compensation benchmarking reports to understand the latest labor market trends regarding benefits and compensation.

Review your retention strategy at least once per year and stay updated with the employment market standards for salary, benefits, and perks, this will help you reduce turnover and high hiring costs and keep talented employees engaged for longer.

Linda Giuliano
UX Designer & Marketing Strategist

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