Why every office should be pet-friendly?

Why every office should be pet-friendly

If you know Babel Profiles, you will most likely know Pipa and Lulo: two Dachshunds that visit us several times per week. They are our best friends and everyone is super excited every time they come to the office.

In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that bringing your pets to the office can be beneficial for you, your company and colleagues and of course: your pet. Why would you think? Here are the answers!

It will reduce your stress  ????‍♂️

It’s really simple: just by petting them or playing with them during your working hours will make you feel more relaxed. It will be a short distraction that will charge all your batteries to keep working even harder. A new working dynamic will be established and it will be beneficial for your health.

Less feeling of guilty ????

You won’t have to worry about them being home alone without being able to eat or walk until you get back home. As you will see them at all times, you will spend more time with them and be able to take an optimum care of them. So, no guilt from now on!

Improve your productivity ????

If you are not stress nor worried, you will definitely be more productive. Pure logic. Your work satisfaction will be increased and your working hours will be better used. So, not only you will be winning, but also your company will!

Higher profits ????

No, we are not even kidding. If your office is pet-friendly, it will likely increase the company’s profit. Not only by improving your productivity as we just mentioned but also, it will show a better and more human image to your clients!

Better relationships within colleagues ????

Pets can be a common interest for many, and that will be shown within colleague relationships. It will create new conversations and internal communication will just get more fluent. Are you ready to try it out?

(Please, bare in mind that maybe any of your colleagues is allergic or afraid of dogs, so make sure everyone agrees. It is about making everyone’s life easier!)

Your pet will be happier, so the owner too ????

Last but surely not least, if your dog spends more time with you: it will be happier. Of course, it will bring a lot of benefits for your dog, as they suffer when they are on their own. And everyone knows: a happy dog is a happy owner. 

Please, always make sure that is a safe environment and there is no harm for the animal or your colleagues. Your dog should be calm and preferably trained to avoid any inconvenience.

Maragda Falip:
Junior Social Media Specialist

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