Where can I enjoy VO films in Barcelona?

Where can I enjoy VO films in Barcelona

As you may already know, Barcelona is a multicultural city that perfectly integrates expats and international inhabitants. This is why it’s easy to find some cultural events in foreign languages.

So, it is not surprising that many companies adapt their content to outsiders. Indeed, you can find many cinemas that include in their offer movies in English, so you can enjoy culture even if you are not a fluent Spanish speaker.

Here you can find a list of cinemas where you can enjoy most of the films in Original Version (some may be VOS or VOSE):

Cines Verdi

It is located in the heart of the Gràcia district, and in their 5 halls, you can find a mix of recent film launches with good old classics. The best day to go is on Tuesdays when they offer low prices (3.90€), and you can even subscribe to their program and receive offers and discounts.   

Balmes Multicines

Probably the biggest VO cinema in the city, as it has 12 halls with VOSE films which offer a great variety of genres and styles for each taste. It is located in Sarrià, next to El Putxet FGC station.  The prices are the same as other regular cinemas in the company, which are around 6€ and 8€.

Yelmo Cines Comedia

In amazing location between Passeig de Gràcia and Gran Via, you can find the old Teatre Comèdia, now used as a cinema. Although in this cinema not all the films are in VO/SE, we strongly recommend a visit. Price per ticket is around 5.60€.

Cines Renoir

A 5-hall-cinema situated next to the Sant Antoni market where all the films are either in VO or VOSE, which makes it an excellent chance to see European movies in their original language. At the same time, it also includes some of the latest releases. Our recommendation is to go on Wednesdays as they have their lowest price: 5.40€.

Yelmo Cines Icària

This cinema right next to the beach has 15 screens with a huge variety of films: new releases, re-projection and in different languages. Each ticket costs 6.30€.

Now… it’s your time! Check which one is closer to you and enjoy the culture as you would do back home.

Maragda Falip:
Marketing Specialist

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