What Makes Travellers Great Employees?

What Makes Travellers Great Employees

Do you want to take some time off work to travel but aren’t sure if it’s wise?
Maybe you think it will be too difficult?
Maybe you fear it might hurt your career?
Maybe someone is telling you it’s something you shouldn’t do?

Stop hesitating. In today’s world having international experience is a huge asset that many companies appreciate. Taking the decision to go abroad might actually be the best decision you ever make. You will cherish your travels for the rest of your life and the experience can also help you land a great job. Here are the main reasons why travellers are great employees:

1. Travellers have excellent language skills.

They do say there’s no better way to learn a language than spending some time in the country where it’s spoken. And it’s true, learning a language in school isn’t nearly as efficient as travelling… just think about it! What is a better learning method: going through grammar rules and pronunciation in class or using the language in real-life situations? Exactly. By learning and actively using languages, travellers prepare themselves for many kinds of professional opportunities. Good language skills are well appreciated in almost every company as there are quite few employers out there who wouldn’t have to deal with some international affairs at least once in a while

2. Travelers have adventurous personalities.

Most people who decide to travel are curious and adventurous by nature. This is very appealing for companies as the majority of them need employees who want to learn new things and who are comfortable and excited about changes. Travelling also teaches you how to function outside your comfort zone on a daily basis and that, if something, is really valued in the modern working culture. Modern companies constantly want their people to break boundaries and try new things!

3. Travellers are socially skilled.

Travellers are often quite open minded and sociable and thus happy to meet new people. Through travels, you learn how to deal with many different kinds of personalities and situations. For example, living in a noisy hostel makes you a superstar problem solver in no time at all! In order to survive abroad, you need to learn how to work in a team while also being very independent. These skills are highly important in any job function ranging from entry level gigs to director positions.

4. Travellers have a lot of knowledge about other cultures.

Intercultural skills are probably one of the most valuable things you can learn while travelling. It is essential to show sensitivity towards the local cultures and to learn about their customs and their people. Every day you notice something new! This knowledge is very important, especially if you want to excel in international business. Every country has its own specific ways and employees who can offer some insights on how to ‘do things the right way’ are very highly valued.

So what are you waiting for? Go and travel and learn new skills!

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