The recruitment freeze is (almost) over

The recruitment freeze is (almost) over.

The recruitment freeze is (almost) over. Is your talent acquisition team ready to start hiring again?

The past months have been undoubtedly hard for all; some industries have been highly affected, which means that thousands of candidates are now looking for a new job, and as a consequence, every job post is now inundated with tons of CVs.
Thousands of CVs are waiting to be reviewed, plenty of pre-screening calls to be made to filter your candidate funnel, so what do you do? You don’t even have time to clean your inbox!!!
To make your days even more fun, December is here already, and we all know how crazy December is…

Does your Talent Acquisition team have time for that?
Let us help you! Let us do the dirty work and bring you, qualified candidates, on the table.

How can your HR department simplify the recruitment process with a massive amount of candidates? 

Choose Babel Profiles’ Talent Partners to help you streamline your talent pool. We are ready to help you with CV screenings, language tests, validating experience and motivation, check salary expectations…
We will be a true extension of your recruitment and talent acquisition teams.

Why with us?

  • We can start tomorrow;
  • You get a dedicated Talent Partner with the network of our agency behind;
  • We speed-up processes and get the right support for your teams;
  • We use your company ATS or can provide you with our candidate tracking system;
  • We focus on you and invest time to understand your needs & the organization fully;
  • We assure instant communication & feedback; Boost your Candidate Experience! 

Check our Recruitment Solutions or directly send us an email if you are curious to know more, and we will help with the best solution for your company.

Linda Giuliano
UX Designer & Marketing Strategist

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