The Perfect Cover Letter

The Perfect Cover Letter

Have you ever felt desperate when writing a cover letter? Has it felt like an impossible task to sell yourself in few short paragraphs? We hear you – and we are here to help! Here are the best tips regarding cover letter writing. 


The internet is full of templates and guidelines on how to write THE cover letter that will get you hired. While it’s never bad to search for inspiration, do not resort to copy-pasting. A cover letter should always feel personal – recruiters and HR-professionals will notice if you have tried to use shortcuts!


When it is time to start writing, think about your strengths and passions. Reflect upon your motivation to land this exact job! In your mind, define why you would be the perfect fit for the job. Afterwards, transmit those thoughts to paper and tell your story! A cover letter should never explain your complete work history or describe all of your skills. Focus on the essentials that are relevant for this position! 

Additional tip: the final sentence should express your interest to meet up and discuss the added value you could bring to the company. Be careful, however. It is not ok to be too aggressive!


After writing your thoughts on paper, think about the tone you are using. Sometimes it is appropriate to use a friendlier, more casual tone and sometimes you should write in a rather formal way. Study the company website and determine what is suitable! Be very careful with grammar!


After correcting the potential mistakes on your cover letter, let someone else proof-read it and give you tips! It is important to get feedback from an objective source as you might have missed something critical. 

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