Successful Recruiter LinkedIn Profiles

Successful Recruiter LinkedIn Profiles

Recruiter Profiles On LinkedIn 

Sharing our success story…

The candidate has now become the client and recruitment has become synonymous with branding. Therefore, your recruitment agency or HR department need to be in line with a holistic branding strategy. 

Today I will concentrate on the social media involvement, based on the success of our branded recruiter profiles on LinkedIn. We feel that we have created not only a synergized online recruitment plan of action but have incorporated our work culture, values and personal employee personalities within it – which in the end is the focal point for any corporate strategy involving your employees. Always maintaining their personality, as the alienation of your internal culture is the fastest way to lose your audience. No one wants to read, listen or watch a company dictate, copy&paste and run the Social Media profiles of it’s employees. Firstly, it’s boring, and secondly, it inadvertently says a lot about the work culture and should be avoided at all costs. 

Why did I pick LinkedIn? Well, it is the largest professional Social Media platform out there at this moment with over 3 million posts to date 239 million members, more than 150,000 posts per week and an average post reach to professionals in over 21 industries and 9 countries. It’s also not stopping here, and traffic per post is up 150% in the past year, making it the largest professional network online, but also making it one of the fastest growing social media sites. 

There are a few elements that will be discussed across the profiles of our recruiters. The first is the profile picture. It is one of the first things that people identify with when looking at your profile. 

1. Here are some points that need to be taken into consideration when creating your team pictures for LinkedIn:

a. The design and style should be the same and create corporate synergy.
b. At least 50% of the picture should include the recruiters face. 
c. The recruiter should be in professional work clothes while taking the picture. 
d. The photo should be friendly and inviting, with your recruiters preferably smiling while staring directly at the camera. 

NB: Making all your recruiter backgrounds the same, will also add to company synergy and allow for your employee, to be directly linked to your company. Or it could be an easy place to create individualism!

2. The next important aspect is the headline:

a. Needs to be catchy, innovative, and differentiating all in one. 
b. Needs to go beyond your professional title and be informative of your company in the concept of ‘quick visibility’.
c. If there isn’t an active idea for this, keep it simple and professional. 
d. Do NOT write lengthy descriptions, this section is for keywords or a sentence at the most.

3. Adding personality by writing a summary:
(This shouldn’t be an area dictated by predefined rules, but rather an area of free expression where your employee’s personality can shine through. However, we added some starting questions to lead you in the right direction.) 

a. What do they do professionally – internal departments they are involved in and fields they are experts in?
b. Why do you do what you do? 
c. What’s unique about you and your company?
d. What do you want candidates to do after reading your summary?

4. The last element for your recruiters will be to post or share content weekly:
(Being active on LinkedIn by sharing content other than active job openings and related work content.)

a. They need to grow a personality online by posting elements that interest them (companies, influencers etc.).
b. Ask your employees to select their interests on their LinkedIn, this will automatically share interesting content on their home page.
c. Weekly activity from your recruiters will add personality to their online profile.
d. Customers / Clients/ Candidates will be more attracted to certain recruiters due to common interests.

– Use a search friendly title for the job description (rather than a creative one).  
– Be specific and personal.
– Try to be as transparent about all aspects as possible from monetary benefits, to work culture and extra perks. 
– Value quality over quantity – a good post will go further and reach more people than multiple haphazard posts. 
– Lastly, add an element of creativity either by adding media elements like pictures and videos or anything else that comes to mind or represents you and your businesses culture.

Lastly, what’s important is that in this world of globalised similarities you stay genuine, “to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Mireia Huguet
General Manager

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