Stay ahead of the curve when hiring Gen Z

Stay ahead of the curve when hiring Gen Z

From technology to inspiration, hiring the future generation can be a tricky and sometimes daunting process. We have put together a list of tips and tricks for you to incorporate within your brand that will be sure to attract forward-thinking Gen Z candidates to your company. 

By 2025 Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce, as such, it is important that your company is able to showcase itself in a modern and unique way that is also accessible and relatable in order to stand out to Gen Z’s. The later generation of Gen Z are between the ages of 22-23 years old, therefore they are looking to have a long-lasting career filled with growth and opportunities.  

For you, this means working with highly tech-savvy, younger candidates who maximize their digital assets to ensure that the company they work with is the right fit for them. The following article will help you stay up to speed with this new generation. Here is what you need to know. 

As the world continues to evolve and diversity becomes more prevalent in our society, this is also reflected within how Gen Z view companies they apply to work for. As tech-savvy individuals, their first step is always to research the brand and understand if it is in alignment with their personal values, especially around inclusion and diversity.   

  • Employer branding: Make sure inclusion and diversity are in alignment with your brand by including your company’s ethos on this topic within your job postings. 
  • Don’t gender specify: Keep job descriptions inclusive and non-gender specific; instead of using ‘he or she will possess certain qualifications…’, use non-gender specific words such as ‘You will possess qualifications…’ or ‘the candidate will possess qualifications…’ 
  • Be proud of your diversity: Ensure that the candidate is able to meet as many diverse colleagues in the company as possible during the hiring process. Two-thirds of Generation Z would be reluctant to accept an offer if they did not meet diverse employees from the company, as this could reflect that your company is not open to diversity and inclusion. 

 Transparency & Honesty is key

As the generation of technology, Gen Z would have definitely already researched your company across digital platforms both owned by you or otherwise such as on Glassdoor, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your company and what it can offer them. Being honest and transparent will empower Gen Z candidates to have open conversations with you about sensitive topics such as salary, benefits, diversity, and more. Showcase that you are an open book, and it will make them feel more at ease and allow them to be vocal about their thoughts, questions, or queries. 

  • Stay up to date with reviews: Either negative or positive, reply to reviews across digital platforms such as Glassdoor in an honest and professional manner. 
  • Provide clear growth plans: Showing clear career paths that showcase growth from entry-level positions to the next career level by developing in-house mentorship programs is a must because it helps to retain Gen Z in the long run. 
  • Support & encourage: Gen Z has been forced to seek alternative routes for careers, many have seen themselves become entrepreneurs and evolved to become self-motivated individuals. Supporting their ideas, especially during the recruitment process will allow them to feel empowered and keep your company at the top of mind and a place where they can direct their passions to your company.
  • Provide a variety of modern perks: From the basics such as health insurance, vacation or paid time off to employee discounts, gym memberships or wellness programs, commuter support or programs. Show this generation that you are willing to invest in their wealth and health, and they will be happy to invest in you.    

 Gen Z saw the era of their parents working for decades, the trials, and tribulations they had to endure including the burn-out once their parents had finally reached their pension, and they have decided to break the cycle. ‘Nearly half (46%) of Gen Z workers are freelancers, a number that is only projected to grow in the next five years.’   

  • Flexi-work is here to stay: Providing flexibility is key as it is a great perk for Gen Z workers who are able to create a healthy work-life balance for themselves whilst still being able to deliver at work and assist in supporting mental health. 

 Being Tech Savvy will set you apart from the rest

Gen Z uses technology every day to make their lives easier, and so should you. They are the generation of instant feedback who do not like to be left in the dark. From the platforms being used in-office to the application system and beyond, keep in mind to create a technological and efficient way for Gen Z applicants. 

  • Tech Sweep: When was the last time you checked the step-by-step process from a candidate’s perspective? Ensure your job application process is easy to use and mobile-friendly, your website is easy to navigate and there are varied options to get in contact with recruiters. 
  • Keep the conversation going: Consider installing or integrating a chatbot onto your website, where candidates and applicants can leave questions for automated responses or even schedule a virtual meeting with one of your recruiters. Whatever the case may be, do not leave them hanging because they will move on and forget your company as fast as a swipe on TikTok.  

Intentional is Progressive

 Alongside having a strong work-life balance, it’s also important for Gen Z’s that your brand has intention behind it. They want a positive work environment and want to be part of a work culture that encourages creativity, personal growth and social connection. Having strong company values that match this generation’s personal ones is important because they will definitely be turned off by a mismatch between what you say and what they see. 

  • Give back: From donating to world causes on behalf of the company to company bonding activities that have a positive impact on society such as community building, volunteering, animal rescue, and more, they are the next generation to take over the planet, and they want to work with a company that cares about the planet too. 
  • Showcase your values: Communicating your company’s values are important, as they reiterate to candidates why it is important to keep your company at top of mind, especially when they are in alignment with the candidate.

As the world continues to evolve and progress, we all must adapt to it and encourage the key players pushing for this change. It will bring forth a generation of inspired and forward-thinking individuals who will bring their passion for wanting the best for the world, to want the best for your company. 

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