Should I Move Abroad To Work?

Should I Move Abroad To Work

Do you want to move abroad to work? You are not alone! Thousands of people share your thoughts daily. Due to globalisation, we have achieved a point in time where country borders aren’t limiting us like they used to do. All around the world, more and more people are free to pursue different international opportunities. While we at Babel Profiles always encourage our candidates to gain international experience, learn languages and meet new people, a few words of caution are in order before jumping to decisions. 

Before making up your mind, try to determine why you want to move abroad. People have all kinds of reasons for this – some are looking for an interesting career change, some feel more comfortable in an international environment, for example. If you are looking for a quick fix to your personal problems, however, you should probably change strategies. If you are miserable, chances are moving to a new country will not change that. Sure, you might be preoccupied with other things for a while, but sooner or later normal life takes over no matter where you live. Moving to another country should be a decision that you can stand behind in the long run!

Are you flexible, patient and ready to be outside your comfort zone?

Let’s pretend that you have decided to move to another country to work. You have never lived abroad, but you have travelled a lot and you consider yourself an international spirit. You want to learn a new language and you are ready for a change of scenery. Great, it sounds like you should start packing, right? Not necessarily. Before you jump the gun, you should remember that living abroad requires more flexibility and determination than travelling. Being on a holiday and living abroad are two completely different things and you should prepare yourself for possible challenges. The paperwork can be a pain, it’s more difficult to find work, and you don’t have the support system that you are used to.

Are you prepared for a different work culture? What about a lower salary?  

Working abroad usually involves getting used to a different work culture. Some countries can have very formal ways of doing business, some countries less so. It might be a bit of a culture shock to find out you don´t have the same benefits as back home and the salary you are offered might be lower than you expected. 

It can be tough at times, but if you have the right attitude, working abroad can end up being one of the greatest experiences of your life!

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