Recruitment Trends for 2021

Recruitment Trends for 2021

These first weeks of the year are confirming those who were the predictions for Recruitment Trends in 2021. During 2020, HR, recruitment tools, and practices have undoubtedly changed a lot, from working from home to new virtual ways to onboard employees. Let’s see those changes that will happen (and they are already happening) in the recruitment for 2021.

1. Employer branding and Social media Recruiting.

Employer branding awareness has been growing considerably in the past few years. During 2020, many companies had to change the focus from promoting amazing offices and ping pong tables to considering culture, values, training, and career paths. Employer branding is now a must to attract that quality candidate who will want to work for you and not your competitors. We consider Employer Branding as an essential part of recruitment rather than a trend. Nevertheless, after a tough 2020 with many companies taking drastic and unpopular decisions, we are not surprised if more and more organizations are on the lookout to improve their reputations.

2. Digital attraction

Including social media in your recruitment strategy helps to get those passive candidates who might not consider wanting a new job until your job advertisement impacts them. With this tool, you can both promote your employer brand and build brand awareness. You can directly target candidates with experience, skills, qualifications, saving budget by getting the right people.

3. Building talent pools

We already talked about the 2020’s Recruitment freeze, and we are all aware that hiring wasn’t a top priority along 2020. A talent pool is a cluster of top talents, including candidates that have applied for this job and those that have been referred, inbound candidates. You can keep these candidates warm. This will help impact them with email attraction campaigns, maintaining candidates interested in your business until a role becomes available. Nevertheless, building a talent pool would be the right decision in your strategy to reduce the cost and time of hiring talented people while ensuring a quality hire. At Babel Profiles, we help companies build talent pools through various tools, including social media recruitment marketing campaigns.

4. HR Technologies

From talent analytics to AI Sourcing to Application Tracking Systems, recruiters and HR departments are becoming more aware that technology should be at the core of recruiting to optimize their workflow and better the candidate experience at the same time. At Babel Profiles we provide tailored ATS, with intuitive and easy-readable data-driven dashboards with real-time information and allow you to communicate with us directly and strengthen the candidate experience.

5. Retention

Hold on to your best players to ensure your business can carry on as usual and reduce recruitment costs. During a crisis recovery, it might be not savvy to let go of your top talent elsewhere. Focusing on retention is essential to listen to your employees and give them the right tools to navigate challenging times. Have a look at our Retention tools.

6. Candidate experience

Candidate experience has a direct impact on your employer brand. Nowadays, candidates expect a much smoother and more comfortable experience when applying online; they also are getting savvier; they know what can be automated and aware of what makes a good experience. In 2021, there are no excuses for awkward application processes, slow to load careers websites, or even not responding to candidates. If things can be automated doesn’t always mean they should be: personalize your application process elements and add a human touch. Empathy is key: run through your existing experience from application to interview, you will surely see improvement points.

We hope that these trends help to have a clear idea of what you should focus on in 2021 and how you can boost your current hiring strategies. If you would like to hear more about how to improve your recruitment efforts in 2021, we are always happy to help. Contact us to start tackling recruitment challenges together!

Linda Giuliano
UX Designer & Marketing Strategist

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