No rental luck yet? Find out how to increase your chances!

No rental luck yet_ Find out how to increase your chances!

—”The rental house I saw online is not available anymore. It’s the third time this happens to me!”

—“Dang. I already spent my data refreshing rental websites to see if I can speak with a landlord.”

—”I don’t have enough money to pay rental website memberships to find a house in my new city.”

It happens to everyone who’s got to move to a big city or to a new apartment: anxiety arises when you understand that renting is not easy at all, and that there’s a lot of stuff you could be doing to increase your housing possibilities. Nowadays, renting in big cities is like immersing yourself in a supply and demand jungle, where there could be thousands of people just like you, searching for accommodation in the same block or neighborhood, using the same websites to reach landlords.

In these metropolises, owners rent their apartments within 48 hours of publishing them online, and they’re all looking for someone they can trust, but mainly, someone who can loom for them. So, how can you stand out in a merciless market like this one?

Your possibilities

There’s some things you can normally do to find a proper rental, which will take time and cost money, and none of them will help you catch the eye of the landlord that has the apartment that works best for you.

—You can spend half of your day refreshing websites like Idealista or FotoCasa, trying to be the first one to contact a landowner. This tends to be boring and you may as well fall asleep in the process.

—Another popular option is to pay for the right to browse housing options at membership websites. This could be expensive, and you’re already heading to a complicated economy during your first months at your new place.

—Some people choose to offer more money for their rental, hoping the landlord picks them up. This will not only hurt your pockets, but it can hurt the market too, by making prices go up quickly and unnecessarily.

—Or you can just increase your possibilities by 30% by creating a Tenant Application Profile at PapayaPods, which is sort of like a LinkedIn profile but for your landlord to see.

Easy for both parts

If you think finding a rental online sucks, then ask a landlord how much time and energy those websites consume for them. Actually, many owners need to hire agencies or external help so they can actually manage their properties.

So, by filling up your Tenant Application Profile you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re helping landlords all around too. You don’t have to waste time trying to convincethem, because your profile should have all the information they need.
It’s actually the same science as handing your resume to a company — with your tenant profile, you give landlords all the information they need to see you and trust you.
Your Tenant Application Profile should include everything you want them to know about you: personal and work information, quick introduction, application documents and —hopefully— references from your previous landowners.
When you submit your application at PapayaPods, the landlords in their database will see your profile easier that at any other website, and if you fill their needs, they’ll contact you immediately.
It’s simple math: you’re searching for a house and they’re looking for tenants, so if you cross paths in their platform it’s possible you both get what you want, quick
and easy. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Yeah, it is free. Not even kidding.


So, from the beginning, this is what you can do to find a home in your new city:
—Refresh websites as if today were the last day on Earth.
—Pay a lot of money to get the right to browse rental options.
—Offer more money than what’s being asked for.
—Create your Tenant Application Profile and attract the attention of your future landowner. Remember, it’s free and increases your chances by 30%.

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