Multilingual speakers: how to get a job in Barcelona

Multilingual speakers_ how to get a job in Barcelona

Is Barcelona a city for international people?
I don’t speak Spanish, can I still find a job? Is it better to find one before moving to Barcelona or can I find one on arrival?

You might feel better knowing that not being from Barcelona, I have found myself asking these exact same questions. Yet two years later, I am loving life in this city and have a job that I love.

Barcelona is an attractive place for young people because of the amazing weather, the good food and nice people. It gets you hooked from the first time you visit. In fact, it’s not unusual to meet expats living in Barcelona who came “only for one month”, only to see that month turn into months, and eventually into years. Once you get to know the real Barna, you will do anything to stay or return, but getting a job can be one of the main hassles. It is always the same story. Here you have mine…

My boyfriend and I are Italian and decided to move here because we wanted an international work experience, but in a sunny mediterranean city. And here we are: Barcelona!

Barcelona is a city where you can find a crowd of young, international talent because of its strategic and geographic position. Not too far south, but on the beach. Not too hot, but the sun shines – almost – every day. Because of this, many multinationals decide to open offices here, knowing that the city is host to qualified and international candidates. However, it’s not all about mega-companies. Have you heard that Barcelona is among the five “Smart Cities” in Europe? Barcelona is a technology-friendly city that also attracts hundreds of start-ups that operate in different sectors and who require multilingual people for their expanding businesses. So, still think you can’t find a job in Barcelona without speaking Spanish? Think again!

How? Well, there are many different ways. You can always apply on job sites like Jobatus.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn shouldn’t be neglected, because many head-hunters (like ourselves) actively search our networks to find international profiles that match with vacancies in Barcelona. If you can’t find a job, a recruiter with a job will find you! So try to complete your profile as much as you can and build up a substantial network in the city, in order to make it easier for us to find you. Pro tip: let us know you’re actively looking for a job in your profile description!

Last but certainly not least: get in touch with Babel Profiles. Our agency is specialized in recruiting multilingual candidates for companies in the area who manage vacancies in sales, marketing, logistics, tourism, and more! We constantly update our current positions on our website, so have it be your first stop in your job search. And if nothing tickles your fancy, send us your CV anyhow! Our vacancies are always changing, so you never know when we might have the right job for you. Whether you’re applying for a specific position, or you just want to get your foot in the door for a future vacancy, our door is always open. And if you can’t make it to a face to face, we’re always happy to meet you on Skype.

Going through Babel Profiles has several advantages for international candidates like yourself. First of all, the Babel team itself is international, we have all been in your shoes before. We can not only advise on how to manage the Spanish paperwork (NIE, Social Security, and creating a Bank Account), but also give some tips for a smooth transition into Barcelona city life.

Finally, I don’t think there is a precise rule on either moving here to find a job or finding a job before moving. My boyfriend, for example, found a job directly from Italy, while I found it after moving. So if you feel it’s too risky to move before you have a job, don’t worry. The majority of companies in Barcelona offer Skype or phone interviews to candidates who haven’t relocated yet.

If you are reading this article, my guess is that you are interested in moving to Barcelona but something is holding you back. Don’t hesitate another second, take a shot at this amazing opportunity! Move here, gain valuable experience and change your life. And even though we’ve mostly talked about work, I am not only referring to professional experience. Living and working in Barcelona will also enrich you on a personal level: you’ll get to know people from many walks of life, you’ll enjoy the many (often free) events and festivities Barcelona has to offer, and you’ll simply fall in love.

I hope my advice has put you a bit more at ease about moving to Barcelona and finding a job. But if you still have some nagging doubts or questions, pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you!

Lucia Fedele
Recruitment Coordinator

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