Living abroad: reasons why you should definitely do it!

Living abroad_ reasons why you should definitely do it

Leaving everything behind and starting again abroad might be challenging but also the most amazing experience ever. So if you are still thinking about it… here are some reasons why you should spend some time living in a different country

Get out of your comfort zone

This is the most typical reason that everyone use, but indeed it is true. Living abroad will make you things you never thought you would do, so you might discover new hobbies or activities. Also, you will get to know yourself better as you will face unknown situations that will bring up new personality traits. So, without realizing, you will start a brand new life from scratch. It will be an amazing opportunity to get rid of everything you did not like about your previous yourself and improve your bright sides.

Appreciate more what you have back home

You are so used to live the way you do that you probably do not even realize everything that you have and appreciate it enough. Living abroad is an eye-opener as you leave it all behind to approach a new life and whenever you go back home, you will be much more conscious of what you had before. The same thing will happen with your family and friends as you will not see them as much, you will probably miss them but then, every time you spend time with them you will enjoy it better.

Adapt to new culture and traditions

Travelling to another country or city, already gives you a different cultural approach. So, imagine getting to live there for an extensive amount of time and adapting to a completely different culture in terms of traditions and ways of understanding life. Not only will be a great opportunity for you to learn a new language with native speakers but also, create new habits. As you will not be home, you will not be able to keep up with your routines and you must adapt them.

Grow as a human and earn new values

All these changes will bring out the best in you, so it will make you grow as a person and provide you values that maybe you did not expect at home. It will be a once in a lifetime experience with (might or might not) an expiring date so you will force yourself to squeeze your time to make the most of it. You will definitely spend some time on your own which will make you reconsider your deepest thoughts and who knows? Maybe what was the most important thing for you earlier, you do realize it is not as meaningful as you first believed. 

Discover new places and people

Foremost, it is an amazing excuse to discover new spots in your new country and travel around cheaper and faster that you usually would. Again, maybe you will travel to new places that you never thought about going or even that they existed! In the same sense, you will meet many people from different places around the world and whom share your experiences which will enrich you even more. And then, you will go back home with a lot of friends and stay-homes around the world. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Potentiate your job opportunities

The advantages of living abroad does not end once you come back to your home country, but it will be a clear differentiator when you are applying for a job! An experience like this will also develop your soft skills such as empathy, ability to adapt to new situations, handling emotions and being independent. Afterwards, you will be more open-minded which many companies will appreciate. 

Without any doubt, living abroad is a life-changing experience that everyone should do. It brings up a crazy amount of advantages and most of people who have tried it, would go back. If you still have not, maybe you should be the next to try it?

Maragda Falip:
Junior Social Media Specialist

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