Holidays in Portugal are amazing!
What if it turns into your new home?


Job Offers for German Speakers in Portugal 

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A holiday weekend is not enough to discover Portugal… a two weeks’ vacation isn’t either!
Find out why you should definitely consider the “Portugal live & work experience” in your future plans!
Quality & Way of Life

In 2017 Portugal was ranked the #1 Country in the world for quality of life. Portugal is said to be one of the best countries to live in because of its great climate, good health care and assured safety which are all highly ranked.

Expat Community

Last year, Portugal was rated Top 3 choices for expats to relocate. More and more people are making the choice of experiencing the Portuguese life. Find yourself surrounded by a booming multicultural environment.

History & Culture

Weekends are made for exploring and relaxing! Never stop discovering!  In Portugal you will never get bored! Cultural, religion, traditional and musical offer is infinite! Did you know that Portugal has 14 places registered by UNESCO?  

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living is considered to be lower in Portugal than other European cities by people who decide to move to Portugal. You will notice this fact foremost in terms of grocery, rent price, transportation and restaurants. 

Safety Place & Pace Index

It's ranked as the #4 most peaceful place according to Global Pace Index! Violent crimes rarely occur, and petty crime is limited to very busy areas during the tourist season.


Francesinha, pastéis de nata, a pretty infinite list of wine taste! If you're a gastronomy explorer it could take you some time to try all the traditional foods of this country! 

What’s in it for you?

Kick-start your career

Are you planning to take a gap year? Or maybe you are just looking for a big change in your life? Working abroad will be a step further in your career as you will grow professionally. What are you waiting for to jump to this amazing adventure?

Learn a 
new language!

Não fala português? Our clients offer free Portuguese language courses for their employees. Take advantage of this opportunity and dive yourself into the local life! Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world being spoken in many parts of the world such as South America, Asia, and some parts of Africa!

Global Mindset

Living abroad will definitely mean a huge personal growth: you will have to adapt to a new (and amazing) culture, meet people from all around the world and get out of your comfort zone. It will be a life-time experience that will open your eyes and make you a better person! 


Why should you apply with us?

Follow-up & Feedback

The process when looking for a job can be uncertain but we will be by your side: we will keep track of all your steps and provide feedback that will help you to succeed!

14 month payments

Imagine being about to start your summer or Christmas holidays and realizing that you got paid DOUBLE. Pretty cool, right?

Relocation Package

The most tedious part of moving abroad is having to start from scratch: find an accommodation, get a health insurance or learning the basic Portuguese expressions… but we know that. That’s why our clients provide some help with those!

International environment
Portugal is multicultural, you will find people coming from all over the world! The number of expats in Portugal raised a 6% in 2017! So guess what? In your new workplace you will most likely have colleagues from different parts of Europe!

Let us help you find your job in Portugal!

Babel Profiles is a multilingual recruitment consultancy based in Barcelona. We work together with national and international companies in Spain and Portugal and look for the best talents to work for them.  For you, as a candidate the service is free and our multicultural team will support you throughout the application process.
We accompany you through the process and give you advice every step of the way!