Should I Change Jobs?

Several people feel unsatisfied with their current work situation. Some have a bad boss, others struggle with boring and repetitive tasks or a low salary. Whatever the reason, the fact remains: many feel like it's time for a change. While these thoughts are quite common, it's surprisingly easy to stall and do nothing. Here are the best tips for changing jobs!

Step 1: Questioning 
Ask yourself the following questions and try to figure out where you want to go professionally. Remember that sometimes things can be improved in your current position as well!

- What makes me happy/unhappy at work? 
- What does my ideal work day look like? 
- Can my situation change/develop in my current position? Is there something I can do to move things forwards? 
- What am I good at? What skills do I need to develop?
- What is my dream job?
- What kind of people would I like to work with? 

Step 2: Preparing for the change
If your conclusion is that there's really nothing you can do to improve things in your current position, it's time to start preparing for the change. Read a lot, search, investigate! Go through sites like Glassdoor and Forbes for best tips on how to stand out from the crowd and update your CV and Linkedin profile. Practice your work interview skills and start keeping an eye on possible work opportunities!

Step 3: Putting your plan into motion 
When you've prepared yourself for the brutal battle of job seeking, it is time to press play and go forward with your plan. Apply for as many jobs as possible and be very proactive. When you are asked about your motivation behind changing jobs, remember that you can be honest and transparent about your situation. It is ok to say that you are in need of new challenges!

And finally, have patience as finding an interesting job opportunity might sometimes be a long process!

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