Barcelona is known worldwide, but only those who live there get to experience it,
be one of them!

Take a step further in your career and live the Barcelona Experience!

Are you still hesitating about making Barcelona your new home?
Find out why you should definitely include relocating and get a new international job in your plans!
Quality & Way of Life

With almost 110 sunny days per year, everyday can be a wonderful day to go to the beach. If you are lucky enough, you can even get an office with sea views... sounds like a dream, right?

Tech Hub

Barcelona is the #5 startup hub in Europe where some of the world’s most successful tech companies like Amazon or Facebook have chosen to base their innovation headquarters.

Expat Community

The city is ranked one of the best places in Europe for expats according with life quality as it is one of the most liveable cities in the world. Also, having multilingual job opportunities makes it even more attractive for foreigners!

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is lower in comparison to other destinations in Europe, which are happy news: most expats will save money regarding their home country.

Privileged Location

Due to its amazing geographical location is less than two hours away from most of the European capitals. You can either get to Morocco or Canarias in just a couple of hours. 

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!!!

If you are into a sustainable way of transportation, you will be happy to hear that Barcelona is more than adapted to bikes as it has more than 200km of bike ways which eases the security when circulating.

What’s in it for you?

Kick-start your career

Are you planning to take a gap year? Or maybe you are just looking for a big change in your life? Working abroad will be a step further in your career as you will grow professionally. What are you waiting for to jump to this amazing adventure?

Learn a 
new language!

¿No hablas español? Take advantage of this opportunity and dive yourself into the local life! Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world being spoken in many parts of the world!

Global Mindset

Living abroad will definitely mean a huge personal growth: you will have to adapt to a new (and amazing) culture, meet people from all around the world and get out of your comfort zone. It will be a life-time experience that will open your eyes and make you a better person! 


Why should you apply with us?

Follow-up & Feedback

The process when looking for a job can be uncertain but we will be by your side: we will keep track of all your steps and provide feedback that will help you to succeed!

We speak your language

Feel at ease while having an interview with us in your mother tongue. Our team of recruiters speaks 10 different languages at a native level.

We help you get settled

The most tedious part of moving abroad is having to start from scratch: find an accommodation, get all the documentation or learning the basic Spanish expressions… but we know that. That’s why we will help you settle down in your new city!

International environment
Barcelona is a multicultural city where you can find people coming from all over the world! The number of expats in Barcelona is about a 18.5% in 2018! So guess what? In your new workplace you will most likely have colleagues from different parts of Europe!


Job Offers for Multilingual Speakers  


Let us help you find your next job!

Babel Profiles is a multilingual recruitment consultancy based in Barcelona. We work together with national and international companies in Spain and Portugal and look for the best talents to work for them.  For you, as a candidate the service is free and our multicultural team will support you throughout the application process.
We accompany you through the process and give you advice every step of the way!