The referral is not in Babel Profile's database.

The Refer a Friend application has been made on the Babel Profiles website.

All details have been correctly entered on the Refer a Friend application page and an email confirmation has been received by the referee.

In the case that multiple referees submit the same referral, a first come first served policy will apply.

The referral is already working in Spain or is eligible to do so.

If the referral is successful in a company's recruitment process, he or she must work at least three months in said company 

After the three months, Babel Profiles will contact the referee to arrange for delivery of the Babel Wonder Bag.

The referral must be placed by the Babel Profiles team within 6 months of the referral submission..

A referee can submit multiple referrals and receive multiple Babel Wonder Bags as long as the terms and conditions are respected.