Recruitment Marketing

Are you putting enough focus on the pre-application stage of your hiring process?
More than 80% of candidates are only passively looking at job ads, so traditional tactics aren’t as effective.
You have to reach them where they spend time. Since your best potential hires are already hired and the competition is fierce, you have to make sure you stand out, become an Employer of Choice and help candidates pick you.

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Let's break them down:

Content Creation
Goal: Captivate audience

From creative banners, that will catch the attention of your audience, to copy and testimonials, we will come up with a content plan for your target group. During the creative content creation process we will work together with your marketing team, making sure we follow your brand guidelines.

Conversion-centered Landing pages
Goal: Make every visitor an applicant

We will create responsive landing pages for different hiring purposes where candidates will be able to find key information about what you’re offering. Most importantly, we’ll delight candidates with easy application processes, in order to be as easy as possible for them. Engage great candidates with relevant, personalized experiences.
Turn potential candidates into qualified applicants!

Advertising campaigns
Goal: Reach candidates where they spend time

No matter how good content is, it will only be effective if it appears in the right place, at the right time. Considering that your ideal candidates are, most likely, not actively looking for a job, we need to reach them where they spend their time rather than traditional job boards.
We’ll define together your candidate persona and our Marketing Strategists will plan and execute the right campaigns for you.

Data Collection
Track. Test. Tweak. Repeat

Experimenting and learning from the data we are collecting will help us improve our recruitment marketing efforts and therefore increase your return on investment. With our analytic reports, we will be constantly sharing with you the main impact of active campaigns: visitors, applicants, subscribers, cost-per-hire.

Pricing Model

Competitive flat fee depending on the
scale of the project

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