Recent Graduates

Recruiting tomorrow's talent today could be a great win for your organization.
Hiring a recent graduate can provide your company with several notable benefits, such as new perspectives, increased diversity, your chance to engage new leaders, highly flexible and tech-savvy employees who are eager to learn.

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Design a creative and effcient talent strategy
for each target group:

We understand the job market for Generation Z and young professionals in all academic disciplines. Thanks to our know-how, we will put in place the right talent attraction strategy. You just need to tell us what you are exactly looking for in a recent graduate, and we will do the rest.

Attract Potential candidates

Candidates need to know about you and your graduate program. We speak their language and we’ll meet them where they are! Our team of Marketing Strategists, who are on top of constantly changing trends, will raise awareness by developing engaging and creative online and offline content. From tailored & responsive landing pages, easy
apply processes, recruitment marketing campaigns, schools and university tours, we look
for the right talent straight at the source.

Screen, assess and engage

We want to make it easy for you, so you will be able to quickly access and engage with
high-quality, well-matched candidates; without having to spend time sourcing or
pre-screening candidates who aren’t the right fit. Our human approach will ensure a personalized, outstanding candidate experience throughout the whole process, becoming ambassadors of your company culture.
The 3-step program comes with an extra:

Our ATS Solution

We will give you visibility throughout the whole process by providing you a tailored ATS built just for you! Intuitive and easy-readable data-driven dashboards will provide you with real-time information and allow you to communicate with us directly.

Pricing Model

Competitive flat fee depending on the
scale of the project

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