At Babel Profiles, we care about our candidates, those who would like to become our candidates, and everyone else who is interested in personal development. This is why we offer inspirational talks that range from “How to set Goals and Achieve Them” to other practical tips to empower our everyday life. These meet-ups feature both members of our team at Babel Profiles and external speakers.

Further, we want you to stay tuned for some activities in town offered by City Life Barcelona, a unique project that helps students and expats to settle down and enjoy the Catalonian capital.


Past Events

  • Problem Solving with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

    “We see people who are successful and happy today, who have jobs which are rewarding and productive. What are the sets, isolates and patterns that differentiate their lives from those of the less fortunate? We need to have a means for making life a little less haphazard and more enjoyable.” Edward T. Hall (The Silent Language)

  • Together Unstoppable

    Who are you spending the most time around (both in reality and virtually)?

  • The Burnout

    Are you feeling exhausted at your workplace? Does it take you a long time to relax and disconnect? Do you feel emotionally empty at the end of your workday? You might have Burnout.  

  • Emotional Intelligence Management for your Success

    Do you want to improve your chances to get the job of your dreams? And to keep being happy once you got it? The key to success ( not only ) lies on the way you build your CV or your LinkedIn profile.

  • Workshop - How to Set Goals and Achieve them in 2017

    Defining goals isn't so difficult but sometimes trying to accomplish them could result frustrating. With this workshop, held by an external speaker, you will improve your way to prioritizing and organizing your objectives, aspirations, and day to day things 


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