How one of the world's largest technology companies increased diversity and inclusion with female and international candidates in less than three months

Succes Story

Every year, the Barcelona Hub of one of the largest technology companies in the world hosts a Tech Graduate Program, a two-year opportunity for recent graduates across the globe. The goal for this edition was to continue promoting diversity and inclusion around their workspace, while expanding the female and international candidate pool.
As a result, they had over 400 candidates, out of which more than 100 females, overall from more than 40 countries.
By the end of the collaboration, the client company was able to fill their Recent Graduate Program’s technical roles, reaching a diversity ratio from previous years.

Company Background

The company’s objective is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. In their Barcelona hub, more than 2,300 employees collaborate to create technology and experiences that amaze.

The project focused on their Tech Graduate Program, which is a two-year experience that unlocks opportunities for recent graduates across the globe to be part of their labs, contribute with ideas in an innovation challenge, and understand their culture.

The Objective

In the recruitment process of three months, the company needed 46 Tech Recent Graduates to join their 2-year program.

The main objective was to improve the quality and quantity of the candidate pool with a strong focus on diversity - qualified female and international graduates, able to pass the technical test defined by the client’s Recruitment team and set up Babel Profiles’ Marketing team.

The Solution

Our Recent Graduates Service was tailored to fit the needs of our client. It was a perfect synergy between full-cycle recruitment and specific marketing efforts.

In order to create a large pool of qualified graduates, we chose a go-to-market strategy that would put their employer brand into the spotlight. We focused on top-class candidate experience, recruitment marketing methods, and new candidate attraction methods suitable for Gen Z and technical screenings, such as user-friendly & responsive application forms, an online test, and a specially tailored Application Tracking system. On top of that, our solution included contacting all applicants and qualifying them, pre-screening, and soft skills interviews. Overall, Babel Profiles would act as a bridge of communication and point of contact for all the candidates during the recruitment process, as well as conducting soft skills interviews.

How we did it

The first step was to go to their office and get a grasp of their company culture as well as employer brand and EVP. We needed to see how graduates would feel there, what they like most, why would they recommend the program to others.

The strategy was split into different important pillars, to attract and convert visitors into qualified candidates and give the best possible experience to both our candidates and our client.
Landing Page and Application Form: With the main target audience being Generation Z and recent graduates, user experience, responsiveness, and easy application forms are key for success. Our Marketing Team created a candidate-attraction Landing page aligned with our client’s brand guidelines, where users could find all information about the Graduate program and apply. The application form was also brief and to the point, marking all important info about the user while keeping it simple to fill in and mobile-friendly.

Applicant Tracking System: As we always treat our clients and partners with top priority, we wanted to give them an experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our solution came with a specially designed Applicant Tracking System, where our recruiters, as well as our client’s recruitment team, could easily handle the recruitment process & see updated results and needs.

Technical Test: As we needed to make sure the Graduates selected have a technical background and are qualified, the first step in the selection process was a
technical test. As candidate experience is key and the main target was Gen Z, it needed to be user-friendly and really easy to fill in. So after the needs were pointed out, we delivered. A motion preview of the technical test will be inserted here (important and confidential info to be blurred - emphasis only on design and the process itself).

Recruitment: Our plan was to back up all the recruitment marketing actions and the candidate experience efforts with recruitment methods as well, in order to
make sure we deliver the specific needs of the client. What we did: active searches where needed, contacted all applicants and qualified them, pre-screening
phase, including testing the English level, learning more about the applicants’ motivations, teamwork, growth mindset and educational check. Basically, when it
comes to the candidate experience, Babel Profile’s recruitment team acted as a point of contact during the candidate journey.

Candidate Experience: Together with our client’s team, the main goal was to create a unique candidate experience for everybody that applied for the Graduate
Program. On our side, it was crucial not only that the candidate pool gets filled fast, but also for them to experience a recruitment process that they will remember.

The Success

Speed and quality were of the essence of the project. The selection process for the 46 new qualified graduates lasted less than two months, while all of them joined the
Tech Graduate Program at once, in mid-September.
With all the positions that were open for external recruitment, we were able to cover them and reach the female ratio up to 30%.

Customer Testimonial

Babel Profiles team has been instrumental to achieve great results in this graduate program. They put a lot of care in providing the best possible experience to the customer and the candidates while being driven to achieve the results in a very short time with quality and adapting fast to challenges. They supported the overall project offering an easy to use and flexible applicant tracking system to help us monitor the progress during the selection process. These reporting capabilities were key to evaluate the progress during the project but also to provide key insights that will enable improvements in future editions.

Talent Acquisition Manager