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Since 2015

Made in Barcelona

Recruitment Solutions
It was summer of 2015 when the first candidate rang the Babel Profiles doorbell. Born from the need of changing the traditional recruitment process and with the aim of offering a complete and personal approach to each candidate. For us each one of them is not just a number. This idea, together with the multilingual emphasis that Babel Profiles maintains, gives us a strong identity and gives Babel Profiles a unique signature. Like the Babel tower, known for its multiculturality and language diversity, we, as Babel Profiles are focused on seeking multilingual and international talent, delivering a world of opportunities.

Since 2015

Made in Barcelona
Using our modern approach as our key factor makes us stand out from other recruitment companies, plus the constant evolvement during our path as a recruitment agency, starting to offer different services that have helped our clients not only with their recruitment needs but also with their brand image, have given us a strong background and experience allowing us to deliver a complete response to our clients. The gap between traditional recruiting methods, the globalized representation of the employee pool and the constant evolvement of companies in terms of brand image have given the opportunity of changing the traditional recruitment business.

At Babel Profiles we are always looking for new talent!

We’re always open and ready for some improvement and fresh ideas, as you can see, we love our job and we want you to love yours! Check our inside job offers and feel free to apply, we always welcome new friends and of course creativity.

Be part of our Babel Family and lets grow and innovate together!

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Fresh and modern ideas, a relaxed and easy going work environment and some fun are a few of the things that run through our veins. Young yet experienced and ready to break the paradigm of traditional recruitment.

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You’ll always find a big smile when you knock on our door. Nothing like some laughter to make you east that stressful job quest, let us give you a little of our happiness!

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Yes! And we are so proud of that 70%. Always looking to improve our craziness and share a bit of it with our candidates and clients, a touch of spontaneous creativity is always welcome.

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