Citylife Barcelona: Getting Settled and Live & Enjoy

Citylife Barcelona_ Getting Settled and Live & Enjoy

We’re pretty excited to introduce you to CityLife Barcelona. A unique project that helps students and expats to settle down and enjoy the Catalan capital. Or as they present themselves:

Citylife was originally founded in Madrid where our international community has grown with great success. Now, we have brought our unique concept to Barcelona!
The company was formed as a way to help international students, interns, expats and even tourists get the most out of their time abroad. Each member of our team has experienced life in another country and we strive to bring all that personal knowledge to you, the community. It’s our goal to help you get settled in the city as quickly and easily as possible and to give you access to fun, interactive and culturally rich experiences during your stay! In short, Citylife Barcelona consists of two parts: Getting Settled and Live & Enjoy.

The majority of our Getting Settled Services are FREE for all clients as well as easy and simple to follow – Because we know how stressful setting up a new life abroad can be! Our services consist of opening a Spanish bank account, activating a Spanish SIM card for your phone, general advice on living in Barcelona and short-term luggage storage! We also like to offer our office as a “home base”, clients can feel free to hangout, connect to the free wifi and do whatever they need to do! We also love to share our knowledge of this beautiful city (and country) on our Blog!
We post new and fresh content every week on our page and feature them in our newsletter!

Our Live & Enjoy services are where the fun really starts! Citylife understands that a true abroad experience means meeting new people, integrating into the local culture and having adventures! Which is exactly what all our events aim to do! We offer several cultural activities, such as Salsa classes, Flamenco shows, wine tastings, language exchanges, cooking classes, internationally themed dinners, organized visits to many of Barcelona’s top museums and art galleries, guided city tours and many more! And when it comes to adventures, we plan those too! Throughout the year we travel to different destinations within Spain, around Europe and even to Morocco! These exciting journeys are fully planned and stocked full of optional activities for attendees to take part in! Citylife Barcelona is an organization created for internationals by international and we look forward to being a part of your abroad experience! We hope to see you around Barcelona soon!

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