A Day In The Life: Babel Profiles Recruiter

A Day In The Life_ Babel Profiles Recruiter

Recruitment is very fast-paced, demanding and incredibly diverse on a day-to-day basis. It’s not a 9am-6pm kind of job, and not in the least monotonous. Read below on the Babel Profiles daily recruiter schedule and get to know the world of Babel and it’s recruiters!

Babel Profiles Schedule:

9am – 6pm


10am – 7pm

 Start of the day

6pm (or 7pm) – The Day Before –

Each day actually starts at the end of the day before. It must sound strange but by finishing every day by writing a to-do list for the following day, looking at the calendar, and mentally planning out the next day allows for a holistic and well-thought out plan to be put into place for the next working day.


In the morning the team begins to trickle in slowly, making a cup of coffee, starting up their computers, and glancing over incoming emails. Then the prioritization of all  tasks and activities takes place.


Checking emails are the first things to get out of the way during the morning rituals. Overnight emails are a common occurrence with applicants sending in their CVs for job postings, queries from clients or informative emails from the team keep everyone in the loop. 

10am – 11am  

The phone starts ringing at around 10am – 11am with clients and candidates vying for our attention. From around this time until lunch the noise levels in the office rise. The scene is quite impressive, with our team of eight recruiters, all speaking simultaneously in different languages, with each other, on the phone and bringing candidates into the office for interviews.

11am – Lunch Time

Start calling applicants to have what we call a ‘general interview’. We like to establish their level of interest in the role, as well as their potential suitability.

Other Priorities: 

– Contacting both clients and candidates
– Setting up meetings
– Replying to email queries 
– Communication with the all team members & across all roles
– Catch-up informal meetings for active projects 

 Lunch is where we all take a moment to relax either by eating in the meeting room with colleagues, going to the Parc de la Ciutadella (our next door neighbor) to enjoy the Spanish sun, or to client lunches!

End of the day

The 7 Virtues of Excellence:

1. More candidate interviews – general phone calls, skype interviews or face-to-face meetings.

2. Candidate feedback on their interview with us, their interview with the client and the overall outcome.

3Client feedback on the candidate search and other queries and tools needed from their side

4. Candidate follow-up – with the general job search, new job etc.

5. Client follow-up –  if there are new job postings available

6. Generating new business by sourcing out new job postings online and cold-calling, creating meetings with potential clients and touching base with old clients who have new projects

7. Lastly, building our database with new candidates, updates from old candidates and searching for the profiles that match our job openings on social media etc.


… And that’s how Babel Profiles completes a day full of recruitment… however our team will tell you otherwise and say that no two days are alike! 

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