5 Reasons why Social Media Recruitment is worthwhile

5 Reasons why Social Media Recruitment is worthwhile

Social Media usage has increased exponentially during the last years, and they are not just affecting people’s personal lives. Still, they are starting to play a crucial role in business nowadays. The daily impact and the ever-increasing presence of users on social platforms creates a new demand to seek candidates where they spend the most time: on social networks. So, what are the benefits of adding social media tools to your recruitment strategy? Here we share some of the significant advantages that we spotted in implementing a recruitment marketing plan.:

1. Reach passive candidates

Talented professionals might not know your company or might not think to change their professional life. What about impacting them with targeted ads? They might start to consider a professional change when coming across an attractive job ad online. Social Media Recruitment directly lets you impact those candidates who may never have found you using the traditional recruitment methods.

2. Boost employer brand

According to Linkedin, 75% of job seekers research the company’s reputation and brand before applying. That’s why it’s crucial to create an engaging experience on a social network that can boost your employer’s brand by promoting your company culture. A great way to boost your presence online is also considered to enlist your current employees as brand ambassadors. Did you know that the content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than content shared by a corporate company’s page? Candidates tend to trust current employees more than employers. In addition to this, job seekers are more likely to engage with someone at your company. Effective promotion of your employer brand can include a post about:

  • Employees
  • Perks and benefits
  • Companies activities and team events
  • Office and work environment

3. Save on recruiting costs

Advertising on multiple channels, including job boards and specific professional networks, can be costly. What’s more, it’s not sure that advertising in these channels will reach those passive candidates. That’s why a defined recruitment marketing plan can help you understand and identify the appropriate channel to impact job seekers that meet your candidate persona’s features directly.

4. Shorten hiring times

Traditional recruitment methods might take longer times than social media recruitment methods. Social media networking makes it easy and fast to communicate with job seekers and allows candidates to respond faster.

5. Target specific talent pool

Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, let you set filters that align with your candidate persona based on their location, previous experience, companies they’re working at, or they have worked. Those are powerful tools to impact the candidate that has the requirements and skills you are looking for.

Social Media Recruitment has come to stay for a long time. It’s a valuable recruitment strategy because it cuts out those long, tedious waits for a response between recruiter and candidate and facilitates conversations and connections with job seekers in a more natural way.

Nevertheless, managing multiple social platforms, including your Linkedin company page, career pages, and job posting, can be a challenge for your recruitment team. But don’t worry, at Babel Profiles, we are an expert in recruitment marketing, and we are ready to design and implement a social media strategy that helps reach your company’s next talent.

Linda Giuliano
UX Designer & Marketing Strategist

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