5 Factors: Why YOU should YES to a Summer Job!

5 Factors_ Why YOU should YES to a Summer Job!

The Babel Profiles team has been thinking about all the students who are now on summer break, and we wanted to share a #BabelWrites blog with you! Schools out, summer is here and so is the time for you to get a summer job! Thinking twice about it? Well here’s why we think you shouldn’t….

1. You need the experience (and will face less competition later on): 

The early bird catches the worm and in this case, you will find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your graduating class. Employers want experience. By joining the job market as early as possible with summer jobs and internships under your belt it will automatically set you apart when you begin looking for more permanent employment. 

2. You will develop your interview skills: 

The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will attend. Practice will make perfect in this case! Learning how to present yourself well in an interview is a skill you will use forever. It will aid you throughout your life, from college applications and landing your first full-time job! You’ll also get better (or more used to) coping with rejection, as this factor goes hand-in-hand with the interview process. Rejection is a fact of life, and there’s no denying it can be hard to handle. The good news is, the more you face it and learn to deal with the feelings that go with it, the easier it becomes to bounce back. 

3. Opens the doors for networking: 

Summer jobs, like any venture, provide a way for you to network with older, experienced business associates. A successful summer job may even turn into a full-time job after you complete college or vocational training. Knowing someone who can help you find a job gives you an edge, especially in the job market of today. 

4. Earning Money – Spending Money – Saving Money:

Having a job, allows you to earn your own money. This will probably be the first time you become responsible for your own funds. This is the first step and lesson in becoming financially stable as an adult later on, and will allow you to explore an important aspect of growing up, earning money, spending it and then with that, learning to save it too

5. You’ll learn something about yourself: 

Finally, any new venture or experience allows us a moment of reflection into ourselves. Did you take a job that wasn’t your first choice? You might discover a new skill or interest you never knew you had. Did you get offered the perfect job? Maybe it isn’t actually your calling in life? What’s important is the growth in these realisations, being able to stop, reflect, and addcross something off your check-list for the future! 

Get ahead of the game and get a summer job! 

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