21 Career Milestone To Celebrate!

21 Career Milestone To Celebrate!

Your career is your individual journey through learning and working out the various aspects of your life. It is a lifelong process where sometimes the glass is half full, and other times, half empty. Human nature has always dictated the importance of highlighting your mistakes and improving them over time. However, sometimes it’s the positive elements that go unnoticed. Milestones that end up going uncelebrated. We wrote up a list of 21 milestones, that you should be tracking and celebrating in the process, and here they are! 

1. Starting your first internship or part time job and becoming part of the working world!

2. Starting your first full-time, career-type job and entering the grown up the world (and paying taxes)!

3. Your first presentation to your team leader.

4. Your first local business trip.

5. Your first negotiation with a customer or vendor or colleague.

6. Your first time in a business expansion process.

7. Your first negotiation for yourself – your annual increase or extra vacation time for example.

8. Your first time managing a project.

9. Your first written piece online or published piece of work.

10. Your first public speaking experience outside your own workplace.

11. Your first time participating in a hiring decision and interviewing a job applicant .

12. Your first time telling your boss something he or she didn’t want to hear.

13. Your first time managing a budget.

14. Your first international business trip.

15. Your first time selling a big pitch to your boss.

16. Your first time managing a team or committee to achieve a goal.

17. Your first time being referred to as a subject matter expert.

18. Your first time setting a boundary with your boss – for example, around your personal time.

19. Your first time turning down a job offer because it didn’t meet your requirements.

20. Your first independent consulting project, either alongside your full-time job or instead of it. 

21. Your first time being headhunted by a recruiter without actively searching for work. 

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